2 thoughts on “Is Google+ actually going anywhere or not?

  1. Exactly. I don’t remember signing in to Google+ specifically for sharing and/or reading any posts, after my first week of ‘play-around’ activity.

    Facebook and Twitter are far more socially active then Google+.

    But with Hangouts replacing Google Talk, and integrating with Plus, we might begin to see more corporate circles coming in and joining Google+ for group meetings and similar needs.

  2. what irks me more than the pluses or minuses are the incessant loops and traps laid out wherever we ‘surf’ to get accounts and join and share.

    As in: “come let me mine your information so I can claim to my advertisers that I’m a humungous marketing platform” lurking at every turn.

    The image that comes to mind is “Hänsel und Gretel,” even though I reject the misogynist propaganda of an older, non-married, independently living knowledgeable woman as being a threat to your little children. (BTW, my wife and I actually were accused of that and at least one letter was sent to the county by a person warning that she would not “want to see little children go missing”!)

    On the other hand, when you get down to it, the metaphor may be more relevant than it seems at first sight. The internet as a marketing tool that created itself and is constantly re-creating, luring and gobbling up everything that comes near. A strange reversal of early creation myths where the Mother Creatrix needed to be slain by a variety of mythical slugginators.

    More about that if and when there is interest.

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