The Ideal Privacy Policy?

policyRecently, I came upon a column written by software entrepreneur and business author Cyndie Shaffstall in which she proposes the following policy for any company to adopt that truly cares about its customers’ privacy:

The Ideal Privacy Policy:

1.  We have on file only your first name, last name, and e-mail address.

2.  We ask for nothing else.

3.  We send you only e-mails you request.

4.  We have nothing to share with others – and wouldn’t if they asked.

5.  We won’t change this policy without prior notice – ever. 

Thank you for being our customer, 

~ Your Grateful Vendor 

Cyndie Shaffstall
Cyndie Shaffstall

As Shaffstall herself acknowledges, she’s never actually seen a policy like this.

But if a company actually adopted such a policy, it would certainly make people more comfortable about purchasing its products — particularly things like phones, wearables and other products that capture and process user-specific data as part of their functionality.

Unfortunately, Shaffstall is correct in asserting that few if any companies would actually adopt such a privacy policy.  Because if they did, they’d be voluntarily walking away from so much of what makes the online world such a lucrative business proposition.

But think for a moment:  Wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful if we didn’t have to consider such privacy policies “too good to be true”?

Do you know any real-live examples of companies whose privacy policies come close to this ideal?  If so, please share them with readers here.

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