Plain as Day: The Labor Market Recovery is Non-Existent

The single most accurate indicator of labor-market health is the employment-to-population ratio.

Unfortunately for the United States, it’s not looking any good … and it hasn’t for over two years.

People say a picture is worth a thousand words.  In this case, a chart is worth many more.

[Actually, it would be nice if this chart got all of the politicians to stop blubbering away with their thousands of words, and instead take some time to truly ponder what the data is telling us!]

Employment-to-Population Ratio
Can politicians cut the B.S. and focus instead on what this chart is telling them? Don’t hold your breath.

2 thoughts on “Plain as Day: The Labor Market Recovery is Non-Existent

  1. … and where there are no jobs there is no money
    … and where there is no money nobody can buy much
    … and when nobody buys much there are even fewer jobs
    How hard can you blow to keep a leaking bubble afloat?

  2. This is a true measure of (un)employment. But our government, politicians and the media simply refuse to report this metric.

    Same way with how they measure inflation: When will they finally include energy and food costs in what’s reported? These are the two main drivers/measurements of buying power for the “middle-class” consumer, yet they don’t seem to be included in the government’s numbers.

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