Newspaper Ad Revenues Plummet to a 60-year Inflation-adjusted Low

Newspaper advertising revenues decline to 1950 levels in inflation-adjusted dollars.Newspaper ad revenues have now collapsed to a level not seen since the 1950s in inflation-adjusted dollars. 

That’s the sobering conclusion from the Newspaper Association of America’s release of the most recent advertising revenue figures for the U.S. industry.

With these dismal statistics, the newspaper industry seems sure to contract even further, while getting precious little boost from their online advertising activities.

Clearly, when it comes to media, it’s “out with the old” and “in with the new” …

3 thoughts on “Newspaper Ad Revenues Plummet to a 60-year Inflation-adjusted Low

  1. How sustainable “the new” can be remains to be seen.

    Since we have seen – thanks to you – how much of an assumption bubble internet advertising is and, more importantly, how desperately the entire internet is sustained by these advertising assumptions (keep blowing), what will happen when the lung capacity of hype falters?

    Who will pay for “the new”?

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