400 Blog Posts and Counting …

BloggingI started blogging about four years ago.

Four hundred posts later, I can say with certainty that maintaining this weblog has been well worth it.

Not only has keeping a blog given me the opportunity to write about topics I care about, it’s sparked some great give-and take and generated very interesting feedback from readers.

I’ve also forged new business relationships and friendships I would never have made otherwise.

From the outset, the focus of my blog has been on marketing and business primarily.  But I’ve also tried to write about about some of the larger social and cultural topics that “inform” our lives and seep into the world of business.

Some of my blog posts that fall outside the strict realm of business have generated traffic that far outstrips other posts.  (Other business writers like Aaron Goldman of Kenshoo and MediaPost have reported the same thing about their blogs.)

Several people suggested that I commemorate this 400th post milestone by linking to a few of the posts that have proven to be the most popular with readers.

An interesting idea … but it pre-supposes that blog topics written several years ago would continue to have relevance today.  In the fast-moving world of marketing, that just doesn’t happen very often!

But thanks to WordPress’ analytical tools, I’ve looked over the stats and identified those posts that generated the most buzz.

So here they are.  Perhaps several are ones you haven’t read … or maybe you’ll want to revisit one or two of them, just for kicks!

Is Charlie LeDuff’s Book the Final Word on Detroit and its Social Pathologies?  (May 18, 2013)  Detroit:  the urban migraine headache that never goes away …

Persistent Myth:  The Ten Most Persuasive Words in the English Language  (December 9, 2012)   If you add up the words on all the lists, it’s a lot more than ten …

David Goodis, The “Poet of Losers,” Finally Gets His Due  (March 25, 2012)   The noir novelist breaks into the sunlight …

Hedy Lamarr:  A Hollywood Tale where Truth is Stranger than Fiction  (December 4, 2011)   Beauty and brains are the perfect combination …

America’s Symphony Orchestras Taking it on the Chin?  (April 17, 2011)   Agitato, ostinato – and sour notes all over the place …

Celebrity endorsements in advertising:  All that glitters is not gold(March 23, 2011)   Or to quote William Shakespeare:  “Much ado about nothing …”

Otto von Habsburg at 97:  A Link to the Past … and the Future  (January 1, 2010)   How much better would the 20th Century have been had it looked more like this man …?

The Berlin Wall Looking Back 20 Years:  What Caused the Fall?  (November 5, 2009)   All hail Austria and Hungary, the bravest little kids on the block …

$100 cost-per-click on Google AdWords?  It’s already here.   (November 1, 2009)    “Mesothelioma” must be another word for “money” …

Hotels vs. TripAdvisor:  A losing battle(April 29, 2009)   “Hotel horror-ama” – brought to you by on-the-scene guests in living Technicolor®

I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

And as for the next 400 posts, as long as people keep reading … I’ll keep writing!

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